Officially putting myself out there


So, I have decided (with the blessings of a couple of people) to post the Stephen King exercise. Not only that, I’m going to post the first draft! Oh my gosh! Say it ain’t so! It is so! You guys will see every mistake, every awkward phrase, every failed attempt at conveying a thought…I haven’t even gone over it once. I think I’m doing this because Stephen King did it in his book, On Writing. He put his first draft and then his edited draft of “1408” into the end of the book, and I thought that was very effective. Even masters have a lot of re-editing to do. I am copying him and posting the first, unedited first draft. Once things calm down with work and moving, I will go back to the story and proceed with the second draft. In the meantime, comments (of course, comments must abide by the rules put forth in “Correct me, please” 🙂 ) are welcome.

Note: The exercise had to do with writing about an abusive relationship….how everything starts out fine, then things go wrong. But he wanted the abuser to be the woman. I thought of going really psychotic with the story, but decided a slight dramatic flare to it would be enough. The things that happen in the story would probably be more prone to happen in a soap opera (albeit it, a well written soap opera), but you know what, sometimes life really be’s that way…

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