To post or not to post

So, I am reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and in the chapter I just read, he gives an exercise for the readers to do. I have started on it, and it is actually kind of ok. So, here is my dilemma. How true do I want to be to this blog? I thought since it is on writing, I would like to post the finished product of this exercise. However, it is sort of uncensored. Stephen King stressed being honest to yourself when you write. I was trying to be really honest with this piece. However, if people, i.e. family members, present and future employers, and church members (yeah, don’t go to church, but who is to say in a month or a year I won’t become an alter girl at the neighborhood catholic church and all the congregation members will want to read my blog, because by then, I will be some famous author, and they will want to see where I started!), have access to it whenever, that would just be a little uncomfortable for me (“Wow, she wrote that? Interesting.”). I mean, I don’t have the main character kill anyone (well, at least not yet) or go into REALLY explicit details about sex…but yeah, it is edging a little close to an R rating.

Aight, people need to comment on this one. What should I do?

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  1. Jimmy says, take the challenge and enjoy the journey!!! Your career as an alter girl does not look promising. Although, I can see how your talents could be utilised. Besides, we need some hot and juicy gossip on you to get the blood pulsing!!!
    Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. Hallo my dear! It is Ariel. I am so glad to have discovered your blog (cleverly gleaned from your AIM away message)!

    I already have so many comments to make:
    1) The editor who sent you that message is a turd of a human being. I mean, honestly, what type of a soulless, grotesque version of a former person speaks to someone in that way about their work?
    2) I am totally fascinated by the glimpses I have gotten of what you have been up to since law school.
    3)I, out of the blue, vote with Stephen King for posting the story and for cherishing creative honesty. What future employer (barring a run on your part at high political office) is going to be put off by what happens in a piece of fiction you wrote? How would authors of thrillers (like Stephen King) ever look anyone in the eye if their readers judged them based on the events that take place in their prose?
    4) I am in DC at the moment, but still live in New Haven for another year, so we should definitely get together, either in the city (are you in NY still?) or in CT to catch up and (later in the year) watch college basketball. It is easy to get back and forth between New Haven and NYC on the Metro North, so just let me know when would be good for you!

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